Blankets - Finito No•stick

Finito® gold is a special blanket for precision printing, hot and cold foil stamping, embossing. Thanks to its characteristics of temperature resistance up to 160 C, pressure resistance, mechanical stability and antistatic behavior is particularly suitable for high precision jobs.

Finito® gold, thanks to its thermoplastic bottom layer, allows much higher durability than conventional blanket and underpacking and outstanding smash resistance.

Finito® gold, by integrating blanket and underpacking in one article, is ready-to-use allowing faster press set-up and minimum down-time.

Finito® gold is suitable for food packaging printing not releasing any hazardous pollutant during its normale use.

Typical properties:

Construction 2 plies blanket coupled to an elastomeric layer
Printing surface ultra-fine glass beads coating
Surface Hardness (Shore A) 90
Top surface colour black
Bottom hardness (Shore A) 75
Bottom colour gold
Total thickness (mm) 1.15 0.02
Sheets CAD-driven cut sheets for Gallus and Nilpeter presses
Printing ply
Textile structure
Elastomeric bottom layer