The Company was founded in 1961 by Mr. Elia Levi Acobas and since than it focused its attention on printing industry.
Since more tha 40 years the Company has been distributed, through an exclusive agreement on Italian market, the compressible blanket for offset Vulcan.

In 1983 the Company started to convert blankets

In 1990 the converting technology became fully automated

In 1995 the Company started its partnership with Toray for distribution of waterless plates and all related products

In 2001 a product idea was born and since then the Company started to produce a new revolutionary product Finito® designed to change the concept of undepacking blankets

In 2006 the Company started to market Finito® worldwide

In 2007 the acquisition of PCO Holland, a leading company in chemicals for printing industry, further broadened Printgraph portfolio

In 2009 PRINTGRAPH has been granted a new worldwide patent for Finito® No•Stop product. In addition to that the Company installed the first automatic-baring-machine in the world and invested in the emerging Asian market with opening of a new subsidiary PCO Eastgate, in Malesia.

In 2010 the Company completed acquisition of Trelleborg Coated Systems Italia srl adding to Vulcan® brand also the well-known brands Trelleborg Rollin™, Westland and Radior.

In 2011 the Company has officially announced the launch of Finito® no•stick and Finito® ri•serva, a complete range of plates and blankets for high quality varnish applications.

In 2012 the company looked at different markets such as flexo (partnership with Recyl, Flexo Concepts and Prime Blade) and solar through developmet of Dyna Solar Cleaner a water based high concentrate cleaner for washing solar and photovoltaic panels.

In 2012 it has been signed an agreement with CTP Optotec for distribution of CTP One on Italian market.

In 2013 it has been developed a new product Finito® dress, that is a self-adhesive film in PVC or Polyurethane treated with a special coating in order to achieve a surface rejecting all kind of inks, varnishes and glues used in the graphic and packaging industry and able to be cleaned with all type of cleaner

In 2013 the Company announced partnership with Toyo Ink for high range of inks Solvent free NV 100, Kaleido Soy, UV, UV LED, K HS UV, NEO AQUALES UV and relative pantons.

In 2013 R&D department of Printgraph put all his efforts to develop a scratch-resistant product to cover the machines and succeeded in manufacturing a high level product called Finito® dress through a very important partnership with Ritrama, an Italian family company with a global presence active in manufacturing, sales and distribution of specialty self-adhesive materials.

Year after year PRINTGRAPH continuously experienced a wise and structural growth while strenghtening the worldwide performances of Vulcan. Up to now eight worldwide patents have been granted.