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One paragraph on the spot explanation: Speedydry is a unique product which will put an end to most of the headaches found in a print shop.

The product is award winning due to its positive effects on pre-press, production, and finishing.

SpeedyDry will allow a printer to confidently operate, regardless of stock, within time schedules that were previously impossible.

Further, SpeedyDry will allow a printer to run synthetic and specialty stocks without expensive UV systems and consumables - Product: SpeedyDry is a liquid ink additive formulated by two pressmen for use on sheet-fed and coldset web offset presses.

The product is designed to be added to all conventional inks, oil, acrylic, soy, rubber, and metallics, as well as waterless inks for DI presses. When a printer adds SpeedyDry to a conventional ink, he/she has just created a high performance oxidizing ink. SpeedyDry was designed by press operators for press operators.

Speeds drying times by up to 75% Make sure proper amount is used; 20% for most substrates; 7-10% for yellows, pastels and varnishes
Activated by heat, water, and oxidation  
Enhances gloss Dries from top to bottom and side to side
Better rub resistance Do Not use oxidative or specialty inks; only conventional inks
Eliminates chalking Do Not leave inks on press overnight
Keeps the integrity of the ink: body, tack, PH and conductivity are unchanged Inks can stay on a crawling press for up to 90 mins. Recommended to spray fountain with anti-skin spray
User friendly - cannot use too much The more you use, the faster it dries One step fountain solutions and alcohol subs will alter results. This can be overcome by adding more SpeedyDry
Can still coat or varnish with the same quality results Use 50 micron spray powder on synthetics
No dot gain or tailing 4-6 inch lifts are recommended on synthetics
Works well in all forms of ink except flexo and heatset Pile temps between 85-95 degrees
  IR lamp settings between 95-105 degrees

SpeedyDry is a high performance ink additive that has an efficient catalyst for cross linking reactions. The key to the patent pending formula is an innovative chemical mix which greatly increases the solubility of SpeedyDry’s catalyst in the ink.

So there are many ingredients in SpeedyDry working together and being activated by water, heat, and some oxidation that create such incredible results. SpeedyDry attaches itself to the pigment and varnishes in the ink and then attaches to the substrate. Its properties then create a chemical reaction that allows drying from top to bottom and side to side at the same time. This drying technique allows for more than just drying.

It enhances the gloss of the ink and increases the adhesion of the ink on most hard to print substrates. It also increases rub resistance, eliminates chalking and also keeps the inks characteristics of body and tack unchanged.