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We have the full range of colours for waterless application, including the Pantone shades.

Inks ar available either for conventional drying and UV cure.

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Best waterless-printing-quality is reached using specific inks. Wateless inks are available for sheet-fed-offset press, web-offset press, UV cured press, and flexographics press. Pantone colours wuill be customized and created on demand.

Sheet-fed Offset Inks Lineup
Well balanced in every aspect, it is a high quality sheet-fed ink designed to offer utmost ease of use.

  • Applicable to matte coated paper Reinforces ink coat and enables use of matte coated paper.
  • High Gloss effects Superior printability enables smooth gloss of excellent effects.
  • Rapid Setting and Drying

It dries very rapidly, offers excellent turnaround time and is suitable for stacking. These properties make it ideal for small scale printing on high-speed presses. Its excellent drying property allows it to be used with wide range of papers. Alpo series.

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UV Waterless Inks Lineup
Not only does it excel in adhesive property but also in drying property and solvent resistance. This ink, Often used for non-absorbent substrates like PET, treated aluminum-laminated paper, PVC films, synthetic paper, PE and PP films, as well as paper, is suitable for both films and paper. Further, it is widely used in printing of labels (stickers) used for electric appliances, office equipments and auto parts where strong film is required.

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Rotary Inks Printing
Uv 171 series

UV ink products
Main Printing Methods
Lithographic offset and letterpress printing.

Main Applications
Paper. Labels. Easy-adhesive film stocks.

Offers excellent balance of drying property and adhesion. Suitable for paper, foil, and plastic labels. uv 161 series.

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