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What is Waterless Printing?

Waterless printing is an innovative technology that does not require the large volumes of water usually used in printing and also does not discharge harmful organic solvents.

In conventional wet offset printing, dampening water, which contains harmful substances such as etch solution and isopropyl alcohol (IPA), is used in the printing process.

This printing method draws on the oil-repelling qualities of water to keep non image areas on the printing plate free from ink.

Waterless printing draws on the characteristic by which the silicone rubber on the printing plate repels the ink. The plate development process does not generate waste liquids requiring frequent disposal.

Available in all standard sizes and thicknesses. Thermal, analogue, positive and negative.
Plate cleaner PC1, PC2, PC Spezial UV
Chemicals for hand developing: positive HP7N, MD20 - negative: PTS1, WH3
Automathic: positive: DA1, PP1 - negative: NA1, NP1
Thermal: DP1, DA1
Plate repair: ST1 suitable for all kind of waterless plates.